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Take care of your computers became essential, most importants informations are store there. Risks of lost, alteration and steal of datas are many and diverses... Internet connection increase existing causes of issues and the impacts. Malicisous use of personnals datas is often very damaging.

Exposure to hardware or sofware failures, to execution of undesirable code, to virus and some others risks can often be easly limited with good practices. is a french website who propose some advices, assistance path and informations for computers users. We share useful informations about Microsoft Windows and the computers. Also we invite you to follow bests practices. 

MonPCWindows invite you to thinking about :

- Protect your datas : Do a simple risks assesment and take goods measures (like first doing backup), adapt protection and practices

- Detect and identify, troubleshoot issue : Understand path to diagnose, know where to find some informations to resolve

- Act well when some damages are done : What's the good behavior in unfortunates cases.
    Note that some informations in content of our pages concerns French regulation and territory. If some laws are shared by Europeen Community, digital regulation can be differents in countries.

You have doubts to make goods choices, upgrade your computer or resolve issue... do not play the sorcerer, our advice is to contact a professional.

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